The Money Shot – bySinclair featuring Tayo

I finally got to photograph the wonderful, multi-talented Tayo.  Tayo, the model/actress/author came through to see this vision through. She was also cool enough to shoot last minute, with no lights, no airbrushing and minimal editing.  Once you’re done ogling her here, check out Part 2 of the Jae’are “Criminal” Video Series and the “Bus Stop Strip” & “Cheat” ads for more visuals of the lovely Tayo. And if you haven’t had enough, peek into the wonderful mind of Tayo in “His PhD in Hypocrisy: And Other Poems about My Crappy Ex-Boyfriend” on Amazon.

Noriko Black Sword Shoot bySinclair

Photos shot with Canon 5D Mark III under continuous lighting with no flash. Photos edited with Gimp and iPhoto.

Thanks Noriko for being such a great sport and doing the sword shoot! Thanks Mr. Holip for supplying the lights, backdrop and sword. Thanks NOK for the creative input. Thanks Noriko for doing your own hair and makeup too.