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Help bring Health, Fitness & Self Defense to one of the cities worst neighborhoods.

East New York has long been one of the worst neighborhoods in New York City. I grew up in East New York during the crack era of the 1980’s. Back then, nightly gunshots and sidewalks littered with colorful crack bottles were the norm. After spending a few of my early years in an orphanage and foster homes, my grandmother’s house, no matter where it was, was home. Back then, like now; the majority of the residents were living in poverty. In fact, there were ten of us living in a three-bedroom apartment at that time. There was no existence of healthy foods and fighting was a regular occurrence for young boys like myself.

Decades, and a bunch of moves later, I have returned to East New York as a homeowner. After seeing many neighborhoods in New York City change over the last few decades, I realize how much has NOT changed in East New York. There are way less gunshots now but crime is still higher than most of the city and there are still no heath options nearby. According to the latest statistics from the New York City Department of Health, East New York, Brooklyn has a higher percentage of people who:

Have had one or more 12 Oz sugary drink per day
Have not had at least one serving of fruits or vegetables per day
Have not completed any physical activity in the last 30 days
Are obese
Have diabetes
Have no health insurance
Went without needed medical care
Have had strokes

Also, heart disease is the leading cause of death in East New York. East New York ranks #1 in New York City in heart disease related deaths. You are also more than twice as likely to be a victim of a homicide in East New York as opposed to the rest of New York City.

Over the last 24 years, I’ve become a much more disciplined and conscious individual. I have also become a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, a practicioner of Kung Fu and other arts and a licensed CPR/AED/First Aid Instructor for the American Red Cross. And now, I am hoping to open the only fitness and self-defense studio in East New York. I have been putting money into renovating a mixed-use property I now own and am in need of funds to change what used to be laundromat into a fitness studio. Renovating the commercial space will cost approximately $50,000 and include:

Leveling the cement floors
Replacing a bathroom
Adding Commercial Wood Flooring
New High-Grade Sheetrock
Foam Insulation
Replacing Structural Frames
Security Cameras
A New Awning
Plumbing and Electrical

More About Me
I was born prematurely in the 80s to an unfit mother with mental issues. I was named after my mother’s first child who was a miscarriage. I never met my father and at around three years old, I was placed in foster care after having my face opened by my mother’s left hand. I remained in the care of strangers, along with my sister until we were rescued by my Jamaican immigrant grandmother, who cared for 8 others in her three bedroom apartment in East New York. She did her best to shield us from the negativity that surrounded us, but we all learned very valuable lessons at the hands of the streets.

Some Childhood Memories of East New York
The first time I was threatened with a gun, I was about 7 years old. The first fight I remember having was my first day of school in East New York. The first time I saw a “crack head,” watched a kid die on the corner,  heard gunshots, experienced a family member getting shot, or feared for my life, was when i was about the same age. The only positive male role model around us that I can remember went to the military and died within a few years of me meeting him (RIP Delvin R. Sinclair).

I moved to Harlem and back with my unfit mother by the age of 9. Nonstop fights with her led me to take on as many extracurricular activities as possible to stay out of the house. I excelled in Martial Arts and other sports activities. Academics were never really difficult. I learned a drive for success and a business sense from other young males around me. Unfortunately, most of them chose illegal methods as business endeavors. By the age of 16, I was promoting parties and shows. Unfortunately, a number of events led to my placement back into foster care.

By 18, I had my own entertainment company and promoted events in Manhattan, leading an 11 member team.  I attended Baruch College on a scholarship and graduated with honors. I also taught at the college part time and worked full time. I finally attained my black belt after college and studied other fighting arts. I won multiple national sparring tournaments and became certified and licensed to teach a variety of things in and outside of martial arts. Although I eventually never got the start date I was promised, I was hired to create commercials by Tim Mellors, who was the VP of the creative department for one of the biggest advertising firms. I am currently a Licensed Training Profesional with the American Red Cross and the creative behind www.bySinclair.com. I am planning on continuing to motivate people to be their best versions of themselves despite the negative situations they may be facing. Starting this business will be a great way to help motivate others with rough beginnings to create more for themselves.

Help Create Something Great.



Sinclair the Multi-Talented

Welcome to bySinclair.com.  Here you’ll find the creative projects involving the multifaceted Sinclair.  Sinclair, the former event promoter from New York is now writing, producing, directing, performing and creating some of the most interesting creative projects on any platform.  So check out his Commercials, Music, Music Videos, Photography, and Comedy.  Feel free to Contact him as well.

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  1. Thank you for doing what you do. My name is Leroy Lott, and am impressed with your energy & desire to bring hope to the community. I am a NYS Licensed Acupuncturist and am willing to bring my services to East New York once you’re fully functional. Although I’ve only made a small donation of $200, there will be more forthcoming as I see your project continue to develop. If you are ever interested in adding my services to your project, feel free to call me at 917-658-8438.

  2. Thank you. Once again, I appreciate the support. I am currently researching the licensing and laws that may be associated with this project. If nothing else, I’m sure we can find ways to promote your business through Sinclair Fit.

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